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December 28, 2023

Navigating the Surge in Pet Grooming: Expert Tips from Monica & Shannon Delafuente

Monica & Shannon is an owner of 4 mobile grooming vans, a grooming salon along with 5 employees

Alex Martin

Welcome back, fellow pet enthusiasts and grooming professionals! In the latest episode of The Daily Groomer, I had the pleasure of speaking with two of the most innovative minds in pet grooming today—Shannon and Monica Delafuente. These two entrepreneurs have taken the grooming world by storm with their mobile vans and chic brick-and-mortar salon in Chicago. Since launching their business in 2018, after accruing a wealth of experience from corporate environments to a cozy mom-and-pop shop, they have shown what it means to transform passion into a thriving enterprise.

Our conversation was filled with insights, but the crux revolved around an essential component of their success: the drive to adapt and respond to the growing demand in pet grooming. Monica and Shannon deeply understand that in today’s market, it’s not just about snips and clips but rather an overarching approach that combines education, equipment, and employee satisfaction. They have built their brand by focusing on informed professionalism, the right tools for nuanced needs, and an employee-centric business model.

Key to managing the surge in demand has been their approach to educating pet owners about grooming necessities such as dematting, and handling difficult or special needs dogs with utmost care. Shannon Delafuente stressed the importance of using top-of-the-line grooming equipment from brands like Zolita and investing in reputable brushes such as Lapooch and liquor brushes. Such choices directly reflect on the quality of service provided and foster confidence and trust with their clientele.

Furthermore, Monica highlighted their unique compensation model. By offering their groomers a high commission rate—30% for mobile services and a staggering 50% for salon work—they’ve created an environment where employees can thrive financially while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This policy has been pivotal in keeping staff motivation high and turnover low, two challenges within the industry that are rarely addressed with such clarity and conviction.
Monica and Shannon’s journey also underscores a scrappy, determined approach to businesses growth, from relying on word-of-mouth recommendations to connecting with clients in the most personal of ways—meeting them where they already are, like dog parks and beaches. It’s evident that they're not just running a business; they're nurturing a community.

As we wrapped up our talk, the entrepreneurial pair revealed their ambitions for expansion and reiterated their commitment to exceptional service. They’ve become role models for groomers and business owners everywhere, proving that with the right mixture of passion, innovation, and strategy, success is not just possible, but inevitable.

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Stay groomed! - Alex Martin

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