Leaving Construction to Make $500kyr Grooming with Doug & Lisa Meyers

Alex Martin
May 15, 2024

Doug & Lisa Meyers, Co-Founders of Shag and Swag in Shelby Township, Michigan

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Today's episode features a story most of us could only dream of - starting a business with your spouse! Doug & Lisa Meyers are the AMAZING husband and wife duo behind Shag and Swag, a full service grooming boutique in Shelby Township, Michigan. We explore all of the intricacies of customer rebooking tactics, the fairness of employee commission structures, and the nuts and bolts of transforming a grooming salon into a thriving business. Grab your notepads, because this one is good!


00:00 How they first got into the business
06:04 Evaluating a business opportunity before making a decision.
11:18 Their early processes and how-to's.
16:25 The point of upgrading dryers.
18:57 Why and how they raised grooming prices.
21:41 How to build a routine by maintaining the same schedule, software, and handwritten logs.
25:19 How much they originally purchased the salon for, and how it's going.
27:00 Lisa's favorite grooming tools!