The Best Ways to Deal with Aggressive Dogs

Alex Martin
June 12, 2024

Ashlee Jewkes - Founder of Cali Dream Grooming

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In our recent episode of The Daily Groomer, I spoke with Ashlee Jewkes, an expert in grooming aggressive dogs. With over a decade of experience, Ashlee has developed a keen understanding of canine behavior. She emphasized the importance of trust and respect, advocating for one-on-one sessions to ensure safety and personalized care. Ashlee shared that with empathy and patience, about 80% of aggressive dogs show significant improvement over time. Her insights provide valuable guidance for groomers handling challenging pets. Tune in to learn how empathy and skill can transform even the most challenging grooming session into a success story.


08:32 Importance of educating clients on proper pet care
11:15 Assess dog behavior through owner interaction and grooming
19:34 Recommendations for handling grooming aggressive dogs effectively
23:30 Setting prices for grooming aggressive dogs—unique challenge.
34:43 Seek help from an experienced groomer directly

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