How to Win in Your Market with World Renowned Entrepreneur John Hewitt

Alex Martin
May 1, 2024

John Hewitt, Founder of Zoomin Groomin and former Co-Founder of Hewitt Tax

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Today's episode is crazy. John is the former multi-millionaire founder of a tax franchise called Hewitt tax. And now - he's in dog grooming! We talk all about the transformative power of exceptional customer service in the service industry. We dive into John's innovative strategies for ensuring customer satisfaction, his journey with Zoomin Groom, and his insights on pricing models that foster loyalty and success.


00:00 Built successful tax chain in US, Canada. Competed, thrived.
04:24 Loyalty brands offers business support and experience.
09:48 Curiosity about pet industry acquisition process summarized.
13:44 Entrepreneur focused on expanding in pet industry.
14:53 Mobile business vs. retail: key differences?
18:49 Inquiring about van layout, scaling, and marketing.
23:46 Franchisees take calculated risks, love pet industry.
27:21 Experienced business student emphasizes inspecting expectations.
28:27 Inspect expectations, seek customer feedback for accuracy.
35:06 Most groomers fail to ask for referrals.
36:26 Resolved issue of asking for referrals effectively.
41:42 John, truth speaker, shares wins and mistakes.
45:30 Manager returns money, avoids future customer issues.
46:21 Incorporate cost of spoilage into service fees.
50:07 Customer retention improves when problems are solved.