An Intro to Feline Grooming with Chris Raimo

Alex Martin
April 24, 2024

Chris Raimo and Hillary Lanning of Happy Cat Hotel

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Today, we're diving into the world of cat grooming with the founders of Happy Cat, Chris Raimo and Hillary Lanning. We unravel the delicate art and necessity of feline grooming, debunk myths, and explore how Happy Cat Hotel caters to our whiskered friends' well-being.


00:00 Demand for extended cat care led to hotel concept.
05:50 Education needed for routine cat grooming services.
09:12 Cats need grooming and specialized care.
10:05 Groomers play proactive role in pet wellness.
13:50 Successful cat grooming requires passion and skill.
18:02 Grooming cats is both technical and spiritual.
22:18 Cats can be like dogs, but not.
25:24 Special tools and consultations for cat grooming.
29:34 Solving severe cat allergies through bath routine.
32:16 Pet grooming benefits pets and owners, health-wise.
36:50 Praise for cat grooming business, future interview.
37:54 Can be both a dog and cat person.