How to Buy a Pet Resort with Miki Gayle

Alex Martin
April 10, 2024

Miki Gayle, Founder of Alpha Pet Resort

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Miki's journey from taking over a rundown boarding facility to creating the flourishing Alpha Pet Resort is a must-hear. We'll dive into how aesthetics, relationships, and smart additions like grooming and training services can transform a pet business. Join us to discover the power of evolving services, learning from peers, and embracing social media. Get ready for an insightful conversation on growth, community building, and the art of grooming success!


00:00 Responding to an add to start a business.
06:05 Turning facility into inviting dog-friendly environment.
07:25 Improving facilities for dogs; aesthetic and process changes.
11:07 Started grooming, learned from others, improved techniques.
13:12 Finding skilled groomers can be difficult.
17:22 Dog park had no bather, dogs got muddy.
21:59 Dog experts suggested learning via social media.
24:16 Use social media to showcase dogs at facility.
27:55 Considering expanding our rural business; potential growth.
29:34 Compliments on social media, website, and resort.