From Dentistry to Dog Grooming The Story of Well Groomed Pets

Alex Martin
May 8, 2024

Michael Hill, founder of Well Groomed Pets and the 50+ Point Wellness System

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Today's episode is special - we're joined by Michael Hill, founder of Well Groomed Pets. Well Groomed Pets is a franchise of grooming salons that specialize in one thing: pet wellness. Michael shares invaluable insights on managing costs, the benefits of hourly wages, and the responsibility of groomers in pet wellness. We dive into leveraging technology for business efficiency and best of all - Michael introduces his 50-point canine wellness check system that's revolutionizing the industry. Prepare to be inspired by Michael's paradigm shift from just grooming to comprehensive canine care, and learn how you can make a meaningful impact in your grooming business and beyond.


06:20 Veterinarians reactive, groomers proactive in pet health.
08:57 Controversy over grooming's role in pet health.
11:53 Non-professionals can train to monitor pet wellness.
14:12 Amazing collaboration for pet care industry success.
17:41 Dog groomers use calipers to monitor lumps.
21:52 Franchise revenue validates market demand, consider costs.
26:31 Balancing revenue, cost, and animal wellness in grooming.
28:00 Delegate, focus, grow: key to business success.
32:04 Over 2 million canine wellness data points.
36:00 Indie stores not in competition, enough demand.