Running a 20 Groomer Salon with Macie Pisa

Alex Martin
February 19, 2024

World champion, mobile grooming business owner, and bubble of positivity

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In this episode of The Daily Groomer, I sit down with the incredibly talented Macie Pisa, who shares her inspiring journey in the grooming industry. From her humble beginnings as a bather to becoming a skilled dog groomer, Macie's dedication and passion shine through. We delve into her experiences in building her own salon, finding clients, and navigating the competitive world of grooming. Macie's unique approach of bringing her services directly to the client's home is truly fascinating. Join us as we explore the highs and lows of Macie's career and the invaluable lessons she's learned along the way.


02:36 Moved out, bather-turned-groomer, loyal mentor.

06:30 Boss took team to watch me; fun, scary, thrilling first step.

10:29 Groom Team USA, top ten; my journey.

12:15 Missed call, dog poop, audition tape, Australian man, ABC show, quarantine in hotel.

15:42 Won challenges, met celebrities, craziest four weeks.

20:58 Two managers handled day-to-day while traveling.

24:39 Connecting with clients, traveling, personal client interactions.

28:19 Prioritize self-care, avoid burnout, set goals.

29:48 Dogs stripped in the past