How Mobile Nail Trimming Changed Rian Thiele’s Grooming Business

Alex Martin
April 17, 2024

Rian Thiele - Former police officer and founder of Pet Evolution

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Today we're joined by Rian Thiele, co-founder of Pet Evolution. We dive into the dynamic world of pet grooming, discussing how self-serve dog washes shape the grooming industry and opening up about the holistic approach to pet care. Join us as we explore the importance of early health detection, the success behind Pet Evolution's mobile nail trimming service, and the impressive results of their membership program. It's all about enhancing our pets' lives through thoughtful nutrition, grooming, and fostering strong community ties.


00:00 Starting a pet food store to address allergies.
05:28 Full service pet grooming, self-service dog washing.
06:56 Switching pet food can alleviate allergies.
10:58 Discussing pet nutrition and health benefits.
16:27 Pet grooming builds relationships and shows care.
17:47 Discussing retail-centric membership model's impact and potential.
23:04 Self-serve washing benefits pet grooming business.
24:12 Questioning self-service dog wash on company's website.
27:52 Mobile pet grooming service expands during COVID.
32:12 Start with nail trim services, gather feedback.
34:48 Embrace collaboration, it's a win-win situation.