Overcoming Addiction and Depression. An Honest Conversation with Angela Thompson

Alex Martin
March 20, 2024

How grooming truly saves lives

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Today's episode is different. One filled with addiction, honesty, and courage. We walk with Angela Thompson through her inspiring journey from addiction to entrepreneurship. Angela opens up about her past challenges and how embracing the art of grooming helped her carve a path to recovery. We delve into the nuances of mobile pet grooming, her commitment to pet comfort, and her advocacy for those battling addiction. Don't miss this story of transformation and triumph within the grooming world, reminding us all about the power of second chances and the healing companionship of animals.


00:00 Angela tells her story.

05:07 Heartbreaking experience caring for abused animals.

06:49 Struggling with addiction, working with animals intermittently.

11:34 Spent time in prison, got arrested twice.

14:57 Gained valuable experience from challenging dog grooming.

17:09 Girls pushed me to open grooming business.

20:52 Lopsided business deal leads to newfound confidence.

23:35 Adapting to change, overcoming doubts, thriving business.

28:48 Mobile grooming: higher prices, house call start.

30:25 Spa-like dog grooming with unique extras.

33:24 Honesty, open-mindedness, willingness in overcoming addiction.

37:00 Grateful for inspiring story, contact info available.