How to Become a Better Grooming Business Owner with Dara Forleo

Alex Martin
January 15, 2024

Diving deep into the world of pet styling and business ownership

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In this episode of The Daily Groomer, I am joined by Dara Forleo, a successful entrepreneur and grooming industry veteran. We dive deep into the world of pet styling and business ownership, discussing the importance of gaining experience and education before starting a business. Dara shares invaluable insights on building a strong foundation, setting intentions, and planning for long-term success. We also explore the resources available to pet salon owners and the challenges they face in finding the right support. Don't miss this episode packed with tips, tricks, and the inspiring journey of Dara Forleo. Timestamps: 01:10 Long-time industry veteran grows grooming business globally. 04:05 Competitive horse rider turned pet stylist. 08:19 Transitioning from pet stylist to business owner. 12:48 Goals essential for business growth and development. 16:32 Invest in yourself for business success. 19:13 Loan, business, dog grooming - plan is key. 22:31 Take courses to explore your career interests. 25:24 Start at the bottom to build strong foundation. 27:29 Building foundation, informed professionals, set up for success. 33:00 Ask Dara: What do you want? 35:38 Setting goals, incentives, and breaks combat burnout. 38:04 Multiple websites, launched. Lori and Jennifer are contacts for the school. Chrissy handles education inquiries and growth.