From Pizza Man to $1M Mobile Groomer

Alex Martin
February 21, 2024

From slinging pies to poodles

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Hey, fellow groomers, it's your host, Alex Martin, and on today's episode of The Daily Groomer, we're sitting down with the mobile grooming maestro, Matt Harwood. From his transition from pizza to pups to managing a fleet of 24 grooming trucks, Matt dives into the nuances of pricing, growing a grooming empire, and why branding is king. Plus, we'll chew over the perks of mobile grooming for you and your furry clientele. Tune in for a masterclass on scaling a grooming business and building lasting customer relationships, all on The Daily Groomer.


00:00 From pizza to dog grooming: 20 years journey.

03:26 Traditional shops fading as mobile grooming gains popularity.

07:02 Renting vs. owning; Consider costs and returns.

12:26 Groomers burned out due to COVID workload.

15:13 Benefits for groomers crucial in attracting talent.

16:01 Job candidates use my offer to negotiate.

20:45 "Set minimum price for dog grooming services."

25:25 Client tips generously, business owner provides guidance.

26:12 Maintaining prices offers flexibility to adjust strategy.

30:53 Mobile dog grooming service with multiple discounts.

34:14 Be strategic, pay off, utilize vans wisely.

36:04 Seeking advice for business expansion and gratitude.