The Fundamentals of Running a Grooming Business

Alex Martin
June 5, 2024

Chris & Emily Elias, Founders of The Ruff Life Mobile Grooming

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In our recent episode of The Daily Groomer, I spoke with Chris and Emily Elias, founders of a luxury mobile grooming service. With over 15 years of experience, they shared insights into pricing strategies in the pet grooming industry. Chris emphasized adjusting prices based on supply and demand, while Emily highlighted the importance of empathy alongside profitability. They discussed their own pricing evolution and predicted a shift towards mobile grooming over traditional shops. Their advice offers valuable guidance for grooming professionals looking to navigate pricing effectively. Join us as we uncover how The Ruff Life Mobile Grooming scales their business and maintains its unique edge in a competitive market.


10:30 COVID led to mobile industry growth retention
24:44 Professional services should be valued equally
26:16 Customer loyalty outweighs small cost differences
29:33 Earn client trust through consistent positive reviews
32:07 Social media presence signals success for businesses

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