How I Bought a Grooming Salon at 19 Years Old

Alex Martin
December 4, 2023

Mobile grooming, energy practices, and the importance of relationships with dogs.

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Join me as I chat with the incredibly talented Jovi Wagner. As a second-generation groomer and captain of Groom Team Canada, Jovi shares insights on working smarter, not harder in the grooming industry. We dive into the challenges and successes of managing a busy salon, discuss pricing strategies, and bust the stereotypes around being a dog groomer. Jovi's passion for Irish wolfhounds and beekeeping adds a unique twist to the conversation. Tune in for an inspiring and informative episode that will change the way you view the world of grooming. Timestamps: 00:02 Podcast welcomes special guest: groomer from Saskatchewan. 06:13 Troubled kid takes over mom's salon. 09:24 Control demand by narrowing in on dogs. Setting limits to avoid burnout. How manage grooming process? 11:11 Good work ethic, strong relationships, and trust. 13:18 Switched to salary, holidays paid, flexible time. 17:55 Honest and transparent pricing for successful salon. 20:05 Embarrassed about profession; now embraced and changed. 25:59 Love my job, avoid burnout, delegate tasks. 27:19 Three things for salon owners to reclaim their life; accounting is important; outsourcing is worth it. 33:14 Dogs are a lifestyle that takes over. 34:57 Passionate beekeeper seeks enthusiastic partner in crime. 37:03 Jovi Maru has profiles on Facebook and Instagram.