How 2 Corporate Groomers Started a Mobile Grooming Fleet in Chicago

Alex Martin
May 22, 2024

Meet the team behind What a Wonderful Woof in Chicago

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In this episode of The Daily Groomer, I talk with Monica and Shannon Delafuente, successful owners of a mobile grooming van and salon in Chicago. They share how they meet the growing demand for pet grooming through education, top-notch tools, and a high commission model for employees. Learn their tips for handling special needs dogs, the importance of quality equipment, and strategies for business growth. Their story is a blend of passion, innovation, and smart business practices. Listen for valuable insights and inspiration!


00:00 Entrepreneurial advice and origins of business.
03:40 Successful business owners transition from corporate to private.
14:33 How do you keep your employees happy?
21:30 Initial doubts led to successful pricing strategy.
34:52 Communication and understanding key for groomers' success.

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