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January 4, 2024

Crafting a Fear-Free, Human-Friendly Business Model: Insights from Jesse Coslov

Jesse, an innovative entrepreneur in the pet care industry and founded The Dog Stop back in 2009

Alex Martin

I recently had the pleasure of hosting Jesse Coslov on The Daily Groomer. Jesse, an innovative entrepreneur in the pet care industry, founded The Dog Stop back in 2009 aiming to improve upon dog care services. Today, the company has 30 stores open and 45 more underway. His extensive experience and unique perspective offer an enlightening insight into the industry.

The Unique Challenges of the Pet Care Industry

One of the biggest takeaways from the conversation with Jesse is the specific challenges associated with the pet care industry. The Dog Stop is the first and only fear-free certified franchise system. This means they aim to create a positive and anxiety-free environment for animals during visits, a principle they incorporated into all their facilities. As Jesse highlighted, the ability to handle, understand and respect these furry customers requires a unique blend of skills and a high degree of training. As a result, finding and retaining skilled labour becomes inherently challenging.

Solutions: Comprehensive Training and Rewarding Compensation Structures

According to Jesse, the answer lies in comprehensive training and rewarding compensation structures. The Dog Stop has developed a thorough online training program for its employees. Moreover, they have rewritten their compensation structure to provide incentives for productivity, including commission-based pay and additional benefits like paid time off and health benefits. This balanced blend is key to attracting the right talent and keeping them motivated and satisfied.

Moving Forward: Scaling while Staying Connected

A notable point Jesse made was the importance of staying connected with the business operations even while scaling up and expanding. For Jesse, this means working closely with his general managers and management teams, staying involved in day-to-day operations, and keeping the business principles at heart, while encouraging individual stores to tweak operations as necessary. This continuous communication, trust, and respect for his staff are key attributes to successful scaling, as per Jesse.

In conclusion, Jesse's passion and dedication to his employees, customers (both human and furry), and his business principles are inspiring. Whether you’re in the pet care industry or not, there's a lot we can learn from his approach.

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