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November 30, 2023

Beyond Grooming: Becoming a Pet Stylist, Mastering Behavior, and Building a Successful Salon

Lory Belanger is an owner and shareholder of The WPGA and serves as the Lead Educator

Alex Martin

The Daily Groomer Podcast | The Biggest Takeaway from Lory Belanger's Episode

Hey there, grooming enthusiasts!

In our latest episode of The Daily Groomer, we had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Lory Belanger. Lory is a renowned pet stylist and the founder of a prestigious grooming school. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry made for an enlightening conversation.

Lory Belanger: A Pioneer in Pet Grooming Education

Before we dive into the biggest takeaway from Lory Belanger's episode, let me give you a quick recap of her background. Lory takes immense pride in the programs offered by her grooming school, where students are empowered to groom dogs independently and without assistance. At the end of the curriculum, they receive a transcript and GPA, and the school even helps them find job placements in salons.

However, one thing that truly stood out to me during our conversation with Lory was her relentless commitment to education. She emphasized the importance of both self-education and educating customers. This dedication is evident in the videos she creates, covering various grooming techniques and providing answers to common questions. Her goal is to not only verbally guide her clients but also provide them with valuable resources, such as a Google sheet with additional information.

Continuing Education: An Essential Ingredient for Success

A key takeaway from Lory's episode is the significance of continuing education in the pet grooming industry. Lory acknowledges that becoming a pet stylist is so much more than just playing with dogs. It requires an in-depth understanding of animal behavior, anatomy, and skin care. By continuously learning and building a strong foundation, groomers can elevate their skills and ensure the comfort and well-being of the animals they work with.

One aspect that resonated with me is Lory's encouragement of involvement in certification or diploma programs. These programs not only provide valuable knowledge but also validate the groomer's expertise. It's an opportunity to expand one's horizons and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Customer Service: A Superpower in the Grooming World

Another notable takeaway from Lory's episode is the importance of exceptional customer service. Lory firmly believes that grooming professionals should go beyond just being average groomers; they should strive to stand out by delivering an outstanding client experience. Customer service, in Lory's words, is a superpower. By using scientific reasoning to support their practices, groomers can demonstrate their expertise and build lasting relationships with their clients.

A Wrap-Up and a Call to Action

In conclusion, our conversation with Lory Belanger was truly eye-opening. Her passion for grooming education, dedication to continuous learning, and focus on providing exceptional customer service were inspiring.

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Until next time, keep those tails wagging and those brushes working!

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Alex Martin

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