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December 22, 2023

3 Key Lessons from our Interview with Ashley Hanvey

Grooming since 2010, multiple certifications including but not limited to behavior and skin and coat

Alex Martin

Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley Hanvey on The Daily Groomer podcast. Ashley shared some incredible insights and experiences from their journey as a mobile dog groomer. They have faced numerous challenges and triumphs in their career, making them an inspiration to groomers everywhere. In this blog post, I want to highlight three key lessons that I took away from our conversation with Ashley.

Lesson 1: Setting Boundaries and Sticking to Them

Ashley's story of starting their mobile grooming business taught us the importance of setting boundaries and sticking to them. In the early days, it can be tempting to accept every client and go beyond your designated service area. However, as Ashley discovered, this can lead to burnout and potential issues with overbooking. By establishing clear rules and boundaries from the start, you not only protect your own well-being but also provide a better service to your clients.

Lesson 2: The Value of Pricing and Skills

Ashley emphasized the value of pricing your services appropriately and investing in your skills. They mentioned how charging what they felt their services were worth initially made them feel guilty, but ultimately, they discovered that clients were willing to pay it. By viewing certifications as tools to improve their grooming skills and as a value proposition for justifying higher pricing, Ashley found success in their business. This lesson reminds us that pricing should be based on our personal costs and the value of our time, rather than external factors.

Lesson 3: Realistic Expectations and Communication

Ashley highlighted the importance of setting realistic expectations and effective communication with clients. Understanding their lifestyle and availability helps tailor grooming schedules to meet their needs. By bringing reality and perspective to the table, groomers can educate clients about the necessary grooming requirements for their dogs. This lesson teaches us that open communication and managing expectations are key to ensuring both the groomer and the client are satisfied with the results.

By incorporating these three lessons into our own grooming businesses, we can enhance our professionalism, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately build a successful career like Ashley Hanvey.


Thank you for joining us on this journey with Ashley Hanvey. We hope these three key lessons will serve as valuable insights for anyone in the grooming industry or considering starting a mobile grooming business. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more inspiring stories, helpful tips, and future episodes of The Daily Groomer podcast. Happy grooming!

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