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April 30, 2024

3 Key Lessons from Matt Harwood

Revealing Key Insights for Business Growth and Branding in the Pet Care Industry

Alex Martin

Our recent guest on The Daily Groomer, Matt Harwood, is a titan in the mobile grooming industry, with rich experience transforming his one-van operation into a fleet of 24 grooming trucks that cruise the eastern seaboard. What makes Matt’s story fascinating isn't just his successful business model, but his journey from a pizza man feeling the heat of burnout to a dog grooming entrepreneur who’s truly found his pack. Today, Matt shared invaluable insights into the world of mobile grooming—a booming segment of the pet care market that provides convenience for pet owners and a golden opportunity for groomers.

1. Understand the Value of Convenience and Branding

Matt's rise in the grooming world demonstrates the power of convenience and strong branding. His service fills a niche for clients who prefer the comfort of their homes over the trip to a salon, and his cleverly named 'Dogfather Grooming' business never fails to leave a lasting impression. Matt underscores the appeal of distinctive branding, recounting memorable encounters with clients charmed by his company's name. Remember, a brand that stands out not only attracts attention but also builds memorable experiences which are the cornerstone for customer loyalty.

2. Price Your Services Wisely and Communicate with Transparency

Setting competitive yet profitable prices is a tightrope walk, and Matt’s methodical approach to pricing has kept his business thriving. Incremental price increases, clearly communicated to clients, ensure that services remain affordable while empathy for longtime customers solidifies trust. Matt's experience warns against drastic price changes, advocating instead for a gradual introduction that reflects the demographic's economic disposition. His practice of using mass emails and texts for price updates maintains transparency—a strategy that invariably deepens customer trust.

3. The Art of Expansion: Balance Growth with Quality

The pandemic has proven to be an unexpected catalyst for growth in the mobile grooming sector. Demand skyrocketed, and Matt seized the opportunity, growing his fleet while ensuring each groomer felt valued through a sense of ownership and professional benefits. His emphasis on quality over quantity when scaling, the adaptability of his team in scheduling, and finding the sweet spot for booking schedules are critical components of his growth strategy. Matt’s journey teaches us that sustainable expansion means balancing growth with maintaining the quality of service that originally built your client base.

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