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April 4, 2024

3 Key Lessons From Nicole Doherty

Nicole Doherty's Inspirational Tale of Success in the Grooming Industry

Alex Martin

Welcome to another engaging episode of The Daily Groomer, where we take a dive into the intricacies of the grooming industry and share insights that can help groomers and business owners alike. In today's episode, we were honored to have Nicole Doherty, a seasoned entrepreneur and the mastermind behind the bustling Pooch Parlor—a mobile grooming company and storefront operation in Westchester, New York. Nicole's journey from a stay-at-home mom to founding her grooming empire at the age of 47 is nothing short of inspirational. With a fleet of five mobile salons and a warm, inviting salon, Nicole's story offers valuable takeaways for anyone looking to elevate their grooming business.

Key Lesson #1: Effective Delegation and Organization Are Game Changers

One of the glaring revelations from this episode is the impact of hiring a skilled receptionist manager on Nicole's business. The decision to delegate scheduling and client management allowed Nicole to concentrate on the core aspects of her business. Her receptionist manager's meticulous organization not only streamlined the appointment booking process, extending even two years out, but it also significantly lowered Nicole's stress levels and improved efficiency. For any grooming business owner, understanding when and how to delegate can be the catalyst for growth.

Key Lesson #2: Charge What You're Worth and Focus on the Value

Nicole emphasizes that groomers should not shy away from charging their worth, especially post-COVID, when demand for grooming services has skyrocketed. By offering top-notch service, maintaining a pristine, welcoming environment, and communicating seamlessly with her clientele, Nicole's salon justifies its pricing. Her approach is a powerful reminder that transparency and value proposition are vital to justifying your rates and ensuring that clients perceive and understand the excellence they're paying for.

Key Lesson #3: Personalized Customer Service Builds Trust

The personal touch can make all the difference. Nicole’s strategy of remembering details about her clients' pets and sending regular updates during grooming sessions instills a sense of trust and comfort with her customer base. Personalizing the service with pictures, videos, and detailed communication creates an unparalleled grooming experience that encourages clients to return. Any grooming business looking to retain clients should note the benefits of such personalized care.


All in all, our conversation with Nicole was dripping with insights that are applicable not just in grooming, but in any service-oriented business. Her unique blend of personal drive, business acumen, and a genuine understanding of her customers has set Pooch Parlor apart. Dive into the full podcast episode to get even more pearls of wisdom from Nicole Doherty. And don't forget, for more updates and grooming guidance directly to your inbox, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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