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November 20, 2023

The Inside Scoop: What Pet Stores are Really Looking for in New Hires Nearby

Understand what local pet stores look for when hiring new grooming professionals

Brian Erikson

The Inside Scoop: What Pet Stores are Really Looking for in New Hires Nearby

Ever wonder what sets one grooming candidate apart from the pack? It's not just about who can trim the furriest Fido. Today, we've dug deep to reveal the top qualities pet stores are demanding from professional groomers like you. Whether you're a seasoned scissor-handler or a fresh face in the canine-coiffing scene, there's a spot for everyone—as long as you know what employers are sniffing out. Let's dive into the insider secrets that could put you at the top of the 'hiring list' for pet stores in your area.

First Impressions Matter: The Portfolio That Speaks Volume

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-crafted portfolio could be worth a job. Pet stores are on the lookout for groomers who exhibit their work with pride. High-quality before-and-after photos and detailed descriptions of your process not only showcase your skills but also demonstrate your professional demeanor. After all, your portfolio is your visual resume, and it needs to bark up the right tree.

Show Off Your Range

Consider including a variety of breeds in your portfolio. From Poodles to Pomeranians, display your versatility. Trust us—employers want to see that range!

The Detail in the Detailing

Close-up shots of intricate work, like the finesse applied on paw pads or ear trims, accentuates your attention to detail, a non-negotiable trait in a top-tier groomer.

Continued Education: More Than Just a Trim Here and There

It's a rapidly evolving industry, and staying ahead means being up-to-date. Ongoing education is a deal-maker. Whether it's attending workshops, completing courses, or obtaining new certifications— it shows you're serious about your craft. Employers are searching for groomers who are lifelong learners, eager to hone their craft.

Certifications Can Set You Apart

National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) or International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG) certifications are like the pedigrees of the grooming world. Flaunt them if you have them.

The Soft Skills That Hardly Get Noticed—But Should

Ever had a squirmy Spaniel or a nippy Chihuahua turn a simple grooming session into a test of patience? Then you know that technical skills alone won't cut it. Employers seek individuals with exceptional soft skills. Compassion, patience, and communication are pivotal. Being able to read a dog's body language and respond accordingly is just as important as choosing the right blade for a summer cut.

Emotional Intelligence: Your Secret Leash

The ability to navigate the emotional landscape of people (and pets) can make all the difference. Managing a pet parent's concerns with understanding or calming an anxious pup requires a high level of emotional intelligence—a prized asset for any groomer.

Positive Online Presence: Your Digital Pawprint

In an age where a Google search can precede an interview, a positive online presence is essential. A professional LinkedIn profile, a curated Instagram feed of your grooming projects, or even a well-maintained website can position you as a committed and modern grooming professional. Employers are searching for groomers who recognize the importance of a digital footprint.

Engage with Your Community

Interacting with other groomers, pet owners, and industry professionals online shows that you're an active participant in the grooming community. This not only expands your knowledge but also exhibits your passion for the field.

Adaptability: The Trait That's Always in Season

The pet industry doesn't stand still, and neither should you. Adaptability is key. Groomers who can adjust to new products, different breeds, or unexpected situations are worth their weight in gold. Pet stores are on the lookout for professionals who can roll with the punches and keep wagging their tails, so to speak.

From Shampoos to Schnauzers: Versatility is Valuable

Knowing the ins and outs of the latest hypoallergenic shampoos or being adept with various grooming tools illustrates that you're adaptable and ready for whatever walks through the door.

The Green Factor: Sustainability and Ethics

We're part of a larger ecosystem, and our work affects it. Today's pet stores are not just looking for groomers; they're looking for environmentally-conscious citizens. Familiarize yourself with eco-friendly practices and products. Your knowledge in this area shows foresight and responsibility—a clear sign to employers that you care about the future of our four-legged friends and their world.

Walk the Talk

Whether it's using biodegradable bags for pet waste or advocating for cruelty-free products, these actions reflect your ethics and can resonate deeply with both employers and customers alike.

Community Connection: Local Networking That Goes a Long Way

Who you know can sometimes be as important as what you know. Community engagement and local networking put a real-world collar around your digital presence. Whether it's participating in local dog shows, volunteering for shelters, or attending city council meetings on pet-centric issues, these activities can connect you with future employers in ways a resume never could.

Local Heroes

Being a well-known and trusted figure in your local pet community can give you an edge. It's about building relationships that could pave the way to your next big opportunity.

Wrapping It Up: Be the Full Package

To get hired at a pet store nearby, you need to blend technical expertise with a dash of digital savvy, a sprinkle of soft skills, and a whole lot of heart. Pet stores aren't just looking for groomers but for grooming advocates who enhance their teams and contribute to the industry in meaningful ways.

One Last Tip: Get Out There!

Like any good groom, finding a position in a pet store is all about preparation, presentation, and persistence. Maintain your tools (both physical and digital), keep your skills sharp, and never stop engaging with both pets and people. Your next grooming gig could be just around the corner.

Now you have the inside scoop, so go ahead, brush up that resume, polish your portfolio, and charm those prospective employers with your unique blend of skills and passion. The grooming world awaits!

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