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December 6, 2023

Starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

Grooming since 2010, multiple certifications including but not limited to behavior and skin and coat

Alex Martin

The Daily Groomer: Ashley Hanvey

The Biggest Takeaway: Starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

Let me introduce you to our guest, Ashley Hanvey, a mobile dog groomer with years of experience in the industry. In our latest episode of The Daily Groomer, Ashley shared her journey of starting a mobile grooming business, along with some valuable insights and lessons learned along the way.

One of the biggest takeaways from Ashley's story is the importance of understanding the early days of starting a mobile dog grooming business. These early stages are often filled with uncertainties and challenges, as business owners have to juggle both grooming and running the business.

Ashley touched on various aspects that aspiring mobile groomers should consider when starting their own business. One crucial factor is finding the right van and equipment that suit your grooming needs. Investing in quality equipment ensures a smoother grooming experience and helps build trust with clients.

Another overlooked aspect that Ashley highlighted is the value of certifications. Gaining certifications not only enhances grooming skills but also serves as a valuable selling point for justifying higher pricing to clients. It showcases your dedication and commitment to providing top-notch services.

During the early stages of a mobile grooming business, there is often a temptation to accept all clients and jobs that come your way. However, Ashley stressed the importance of setting clear rules and boundaries. Sometimes, it may mean turning away potential clients outside of your designated service area or declining jobs that don't align with your business values. The key is to stick to your principles, even if it means foregoing immediate financial gains.

Ashley shared her initial doubts about her business when she didn't receive many appointments in the first few months. However, she stayed committed and persevered, gradually building a consistent schedule of clients within her service area. This experience demonstrates the importance of patience and persistence in finding success as a mobile groomer.

As the host of The Daily Groomer, I found Ashley's insights incredibly valuable for both established and aspiring mobile groomers. Her story serves as a reminder that building a successful business takes time and dedication. By learning from experienced professionals like Ashley, we can navigate the challenges of the industry more effectively.

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- Alex Martin

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