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April 2, 2024

Mastering the Art of Pricing in Pet Grooming: Lessons from Chris and Emily Elias

The pawsome economics of pet grooming!

Alex Martin

In the bustling world of pet grooming, few have managed to carve out a business as niche and as successful as our recent guests on The Daily Groomer, Chris and Emily Elias. With a combined pet grooming experience that spans over a decade and a half, this dynamic duo has transformed the traditional grooming space with their luxury mobile grooming service—the world's best on Long Island and beyond, now expanding into sunny Florida. With 14 vans and a fleet that's growing, they bring an impressive level of expertise to our discussion on one of the thorniest subjects in pet care entrepreneurship: pricing strategy.

The heart of our conversation—and the biggest takeaway for any grooming professional—was the importance of adopting a business mindset when it comes to pricing. Chris, drawing parallels with other industries, such as the dynamic pricing models of gas stations and ride-share services like Uber, stressed the significance of supply and demand. His advice was clear: if you're constantly booked and have a waitlist, it's time to raise your prices. This ensures that your business not only survives but thrives, rewarding you for the skill and dedication you bring to your craft.

Meanwhile, Emily offered a candid insight into the dilemma faced by many service providers: the emotional tension that comes with raising prices on a clientele that includes fixed-income customers. She emphasized the personalized nature of grooming services and highlighted how crucial it is to balance profitability with empathy. Chris countered, encouraging groomers to resolutely shift their perspective and see their service as skilled labor, akin to plumbers or electricians, warranting fair market prices.

Perhaps the most compelling part of the discussion was the story of their own pricing evolution. Initially confronted with the challenges of setting competitive prices, they now advocate for a confident, incremental approach to price increases. They shared a success story of a groomer who heeded their advice, saw most clients stay on even with higher rates, and consequently managed to recruit and retain top talent by offering competitive wages and fostering a family-like work environment.

The Elias's experience also highlighted the broader shifts in the grooming industry. As more pet parents embrace the convenience of mobile grooming, Chris and Emily foresee that stationary shops might eventually become a thing of the past. They drive this point home with their own pivot from an initially desired storefront to an empire on wheels—a decision that has paid off considerably, especially amidst the challenges presented by the pandemic.

As we wrapped up our episode, the conversation left me—and I hope you, dear listeners—with an enriched understanding of how to smartly navigate the economics of pet grooming. These insights from Chris and Emily Elias are game-changers for anyone looking to scale their services and value themselves as professionals rightly.

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