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October 24, 2023

Furry Friend or Fashionista? Grooming Tips for a Show-Stopping Golden Doodle

Discover expert grooming tips for Golden Doodles in this comprehensive guide

Alex Martin

Furry Friend or Fashionista? Grooming Tips for a Show-Stopping Golden Doodle

Grooming a Golden Doodle is no easy task. These adorable crossbreeds are known for their luscious, curly coats that require regular care to keep them looking their best. As a professional dog groomer, it's essential to have the right tools, techniques, and a solid understanding of the breed's grooming standards.

1. Proper Grooming Tools

Before you dive into grooming a Golden Doodle, it's crucial to have the right tools at your disposal. Here's a list of must-haves:


Invest in high-quality clippers specifically designed for thick and curly coats. Look for ones that have adjustable blade lengths to accommodate the variety of coat lengths seen in Golden Doodles.

Grooming Scissors:

A good pair of grooming scissors with rounded tips is essential for trimming delicate areas, such as around the eyes and paw pads. Opt for stainless steel scissors that are comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Slicker Brush:

A slicker brush is a must-have tool for maintaining a Golden Doodle's coat. This brush helps remove tangles and prevents matting from forming. Choose one with flexible bristles that can easily penetrate the dense curls of their fur.


An excellent quality comb with both wide and narrow teeth is essential for detangling and finishing the coat. The wide-toothed side helps remove larger knots and mats, while the narrow side allows for finer grooming.

2. Achieving a Show-Worthy Appearance

A well-groomed Golden Doodle is a sight to behold. Here are some tips to help you achieve a show-stopping appearance:


Start with a thorough bath using a gentle dog shampoo suitable for their coat type. Focus on the roots of the hair, ensuring you reach the skin to eliminate any build-up or dirt. Rinse thoroughly to prevent any residue that may cause irritation or matting.

Brushing and Detangling:

Prior to clipping or scissoring, thoroughly brush and detangle the coat. While brushing, carefully comb through the curls, removing any knots or tangles. This step is crucial to avoid pulling or discomfort during grooming.

Clipping or Scissoring:

The length and style of the coat will depend on the preferences of the dog's owner or the breed standards for show dogs. Regardless, ensure you clip or scissor the hair evenly, paying attention to achieve symmetry. Use the appropriate attachment or blade length for the desired coat length.

Trimming the Face:

Precision is key when it comes to trimming the face of a Golden Doodle. Use grooming scissors to carefully trim around the eyes, keeping the hair neat and away from vision. Be mindful around the mouth and nose, ensuring the hair doesn't obstruct breathing or eating.

Paw Pad Care:

Trim the hair around the paw pads and ensure the pads are clean and free from matting. Be cautious when cutting around this area to avoid accidental nicks or cuts.

3. Maintaining Impeccable Grooming Standards

Keeping a Golden Doodle's coat in pristine condition requires regular maintenance. Here's how you can help their owners maintain the impeccable grooming standards:

Regular Brushing:

Advise Golden Doodle owners to brush their pets' coats at least every other day to prevent matting. Provide recommendations on the specific brushing techniques that work best for their coat type.

Monthly Trims:

Encourage dog owners to schedule monthly grooming appointments to maintain the desired coat length. This prevents the coat from becoming unmanageable or matted between trims.

Hygiene Habits:

Guide owners in maintaining the overall hygiene of their Golden Doodles. This includes regular ear cleaning, dental care, and nail trimming. Educate them on the importance of these practices in preventing health problems.

Diet and Nutrition:

Highlight the impact of a healthy diet on a dog's coat. Encourage owners to feed their Golden Doodles high-quality dog food that supports skin and coat health. Explain how proper nutrition can result in a shinier, more manageable coat.


Grooming a Golden Doodle to be a show-stopper requires attention to detail, the right tools, and consistent maintenance. By providing professional grooming services while also educating owners on proper at-home care, you can ensure that these furry fashionistas are always ready to turn heads wherever they go.

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