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November 4, 2023

From Puppy Fluff to Adult Flair: A Complete Guide to Goldendoodle Coat Transitions

Learn the stages of a Goldendoodle's coat transition and expert tips to handle the changes smoothly

Rebekka Nelson

From Puppy Fluff to Adult Flair: A Complete Guide to Goldendoodle Coat Transitions


Welcome to The Daily Groomer's comprehensive guide on Goldendoodle coat transitions. As professional groomers, we know that understanding and managing coat changes in Goldendoodles can be a real challenge. In this article, we'll walk you through the various stages of a Goldendoodle's coat development, and provide expert tips and techniques to ensure your grooming sessions are a breeze. Let's dive in!

What is a Goldendoodle Coat Transition?

Goldendoodles are known for their luxurious and adorable coats, but these coats undergo several transformations as the puppies grow into adulthood. A coat transition refers to the period when a Goldendoodle puppy's soft and fluffy coat evolves into its adult coat, which may require different grooming techniques and maintenance. Understanding these transitions is crucial for achieving the desired grooming results and keeping your furry clients happy and healthy.

Stage #1: Puppy Coat

During the first few months of a Goldendoodle's life, they have a soft and fluffy coat commonly known as the "puppy coat." This coat is often wavy or curly, depending on the generation of the Goldendoodle and the genetics inherited from the Poodle and Golden Retriever parents.

As professional groomers, during this stage, it's important to focus on regular coat maintenance and establish a grooming routine to prevent matting and tangles. Regular brushing and combing, along with regular visits to the salon, will help the puppy get used to the grooming process from an early age.

Stage #2: Coat Change

Around 6 to 12 months of age, Goldendoodles go through a coat change. During this phase, the puppy coat starts transitioning into the adult coat, which can differ in texture, length, and density. The new coat may be coarser or silkier than the puppy fur and may require different attention and grooming techniques.

Regular brushing is essential during this stage to ensure the puppy coat doesn't mat as it sheds and makes way for the adult coat. It's important to be gentle and use appropriate tools to avoid causing discomfort to the dog.

Stage #3: Adult Coat

Once the coat change is complete, your Goldendoodle will have reached its adult coat stage. The adult coat can vary significantly, depending on the genetics and individual characteristics of the specific dog. It can be curly, wavy, or even straight, and each type has its own unique grooming needs.

When dealing with adult Goldendoodle coats, brushing becomes even more crucial. Regular brushing not only prevents matting and tangling but also helps distribute natural oils, keeping the coat healthy and shiny. Depending on the coat type, you might need to use different brushes and grooming techniques to achieve the desired results.

Expert Tips for Smooth Coat Transitions

Now that we've covered the stages of a Goldendoodle coat transition, here are some expert tips to ensure you navigate this process with ease:

1. Start Early:

Begin introducing grooming tools and practices to Goldendoodle puppies as early as possible to familiarize them with the process and establish a positive association.

2. Use the Right Tools:

Use appropriate brushes, combs, and grooming products based on the specific coat type of each Goldendoodle. Experiment with different tools to find what works best for your furry clients.

3. Regular Brushing:

Regular brushing keeps the coat healthy, prevents matting, and promotes overall well-being. Develop a grooming schedule that fits the needs of each dog's coat and advise their owners accordingly.

4. Seek Professional Help:

If you or the dog's owner are unsure about how to handle coat transitions, seek assistance from experienced professional groomers or consult with a veterinarian who specializes in dog grooming.

5. Be Patient and Kind:

Changing coats can be uncomfortable and stressful for dogs. Approach each grooming session with patience, empathy, and kindness. Make it a positive experience for both you and the dog.


In conclusion, understanding the stages of a Goldendoodle's coat transition is essential for professional groomers. By being knowledgeable about each stage and following expert tips, you can ensure smooth and successful grooming experiences for both you and your four-legged clients. Remember, every Goldendoodle is unique, so adapt your techniques to suit their individual needs. Happy grooming!

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