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October 12, 2023

Embracing the Joy of Grooming

Anne Francis is a nationally renowned competitor, spending many years on Groom Team USA.

Alex Martin

The Daily Groomer - Anne Francis: Embracing the Joy of Grooming

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In our latest episode of The Daily Groomer, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Anne Francis. Let me tell you, this woman has an impressive background in the grooming industry. Not only is she the president of the European Dog Grooming Association, but she also organizes the world's most prestigious grooming competition. How cool is that?

But what really struck me during our conversation was Anne's profound passion for grooming and her unwavering commitment to the craft. Throughout her journey, she demonstrated remarkable resilience, skill, and dedication, which has made her a true role model in the industry.

Finding Joy in Grooming

One of the biggest takeaways from my conversation with Anne was her emphasis on finding joy in grooming. For her, grooming is not just a job—it's a soulful art form that brings love and happiness to both the groomer and the furry clients.

Anne's journey began in 6th grade when she convinced her parents to let her have a dog. From that moment on, she took on the responsibility of training and caring for her furry friend. This ignited her love for animals and led her to volunteer at an animal shelter, eventually becoming a kennel girl.

Initially, Anne had set her sights on becoming a veterinarian and studied pre-vet in college. However, her true calling revealed itself when she discovered the world of grooming through competitive styling. Despite not having a background in show dogs or anyone in her family involved in showing dogs, Anne dove headfirst into competing and honing her grooming skills.

What truly resonated with me was Anne's encouragement for others to participate in grooming competitions. She stressed that even smaller, unofficially sanctioned competitions can offer valuable opportunities for growth and learning. Anne highlighted a competition organized by Jonathan David in Florida, where participants can win fantastic prize money while gaining valuable experience. And let's not forget about the "rescue rodeo," a less intimidating option for those interested in showcasing their grooming skills.

A Mindset Shift: Comfort and Safety First

Over the years, Anne has witnessed a significant shift in the grooming industry—a shift that prioritizes the comfort and safety of the pets above all else. Gone are the days when grooming was solely about making the pet look pretty. Now, every dog is considered a grooming dog, deserving of care and attention regardless of their breed or appearance.

This shift in mindset aligns with Anne's own approach to grooming dogs. She shared with us how her focus on the pet's well-being has transformed her work and brought her even greater joy in her profession. By catering to unique requests like hand stripping and natural back grooming, she adds that extra something special to her services.

Embracing Passion and Transitioning Successfully

Throughout her career, Anne experienced immense success as a competitive groomer, earning points and accolades in various categories. However, as the stress began to affect her relationships and her love for the job started to dwindle, she made the brave decision to transition into judging and pursue her passion in a new way.

It was evident from our conversation that Anne is thriving in her role as a judge. She values providing valuable feedback to competitors and actively seeks ways to improve her own skills through self-reflection. Anne's smooth transition into this new phase of her career is a testament to her dedication and love for the industry.

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Anne's journey is truly inspirational, and her story serves as a reminder that finding joy and passion in our work is essential for personal and professional fulfillment. I encourage you to listen to our full conversation with Anne Francis on The Daily Groomer podcast—it's an episode you won't want to miss.

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Until next time, happy grooming!

- Alex Martin

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