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December 22, 2023

3 Key Lessons from our Interview with Shannon Wynings Roberts

Shannon is the mobile dog grooming queen, spent years mastering the ins and outs of mobile grooming

Alex Martin


Hey there, dog lovers! Welcome back to another insightful episode of The Daily Groomer. In today's interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Shannon Wynings Roberts, a seasoned mobile groomer and owner of the popular business "For the Love of Dogs." Shannon has an undeniable passion for her work and shared a wealth of knowledge with us. So, without further ado, let's dive into the three key lessons we've taken away from our enlightening conversation with Shannon!

Key Lesson 1: Embrace the Power of Energy

One of the fascinating aspects that Shannon highlighted during our conversation was the influence of energy in the grooming process. Shannon is a strong believer in energy practices, such as wearing crystals and cleansing the air, to create a positive and calming environment for both the groomer and the dogs. This lesson reminds us that dogs are incredibly perceptive to the energy around them, and by cultivating a serene atmosphere in our grooming vans or salons, we can help ease their anxiety and promote a more pleasant grooming experience.

Key Lesson 2: Mobile Grooming Offers Unique Advantages

As Shannon shared her journey as a mobile groomer, we discovered the numerous advantages this field provides. Not only does mobile grooming allow for a more personalized and less stressful experience for both the groomer and the dogs, but it also enables groomers to handle more dogs in a day with a well-optimized system. Shannon emphasized the importance of personal space and the ability to create a comfortable environment, which is often challenging in a traditional salon. This lesson shed light on the growing popularity of mobile grooming and the unique benefits it offers for both groomers and their furry clients.

Key Lesson 3: Prioritize Communication and Relationships

An essential aspect of a successful grooming business highlighted by Shannon is the significance of effective communication and building strong relationships with dog owners. Groomers must ensure proper communication, understand the customers' preferences, and ask for their trust while also showcasing their expertise. Shannon's emphasis on maintaining excellent customer relationships, offering guarantees, and valuing feedback underscores the importance of customer satisfaction in the grooming industry.

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