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December 23, 2023

3 Key Lessons from our Interview with Mackensie Murphy

Mackensie Murphy is one of the best competitive groomers in the world

Alex Martin

Today on The Daily Groomer podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly talented Mackensie Murphy. With 18 years of experience and a passion for grooming that runs in her family, Mackensie has truly made a name for herself in the industry. Her impressive track record, including winning first place in the best in show first timers category in a grooming competition, is a testament to her skill and dedication.

Lesson 1: Confidence is Key

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Mackensie is the importance of having confidence in your grooming skills. She emphasized that when learning something new, your mindset plays a significant role in your progress. Mackensie shared stories of how she watched many students become frustrated and overthink when trying to learn grooming techniques. In contrast, the students who picked up new skills quickly were those who had the confidence to try without fear. So, aspiring groomers, remember: just cut it! Take that leap of faith and trust in your abilities to succeed.

Lesson 2: Embrace Challenges and Adapt

Mackensie's journey in the grooming industry has been filled with challenges and changes, and she has truly embraced them all. From moving to different locations with vastly different types of dogs and clients, to transitioning from being a gay man to a "know Jersey girl," she demonstrated the resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive. As groomers, we must be open to change and willing to step out of our comfort zones. By embracing challenges and adapting to new environments, we can further grow and succeed in our careers.

Lesson 3: Education is a Lifelong Pursuit

Throughout the podcast, Mackensie's passion for education and mentoring was evident. She highlighted the importance of ongoing learning, emphasizing that there is always something new to discover in the grooming industry. Mackensie actively engaged in teaching, both in-person and through virtual private lessons, to share her knowledge and support fellow groomers. She encourages others to seek educational opportunities and to constantly strive for improvement. Remember, grooming is not just a job, it's a journey of continuous learning and growth.

As we wrap up this episode with Mackensie Murphy, I want to thank her for sharing her invaluable insights and experiences. Her dedication to the craft of grooming is truly inspiring, and there is so much we can learn from her journey.

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