3 Key Lessons from Jean Marie Arellano

Jean's insights on starting small, building recurring revenue, and embracing innovation

Alex Martin

Welcome back to The Daily Groomer, where we delve into the furry world of pet care and grooming insights. I'm Alex Martin, your host, and today's episode was quite the treat. Our special guest, Jean Marie Arellano, has an infectious love for life, a sharp-witted sense of humor, and a thriving mobile grooming business equipped with seven cutting-edge vans cruising around sunny Southern California. Jean's leap from the lively stage of improv comedy to the bustling world of mobile grooming proves that the paths we take in life can be as unpredictable as they are fruitful. Let's dig into the wisdom she shared.


Lesson 1: Start Small and Scale Wisely

Jean emphasized the importance of starting small for those eager to break into the mobile grooming industry. She suggested beginning with a trailer instead of jumping straight to a van, which not only helps in gaining valuable experience but also reduces significant upfront costs. Jean's own evolution from trailers to custom-built vans showcases the effectiveness of scaling your business in tune with your growth and expertise.


Lesson 2: The Power of Recurring Revenue and Relationships

One fascinating aspect of Jean's business model is her focus on recurring revenue streams. With 85-90% of clients on maintenance schedules, her team can forge stronger connections and provide consistent, high-quality care. This model not only ensures a stable income but also strengthens the trust between the groomer and the client, leading to a more personalized experience and often, more generous tips.


Lesson 3: Invest in Innovation and Fair Pricing

Jean is not just pioneering in her approach to business – she's changing the game with her custom-built, eco-friendly mobile grooming vans. These solar-powered units are a testament to her commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of the dogs she cares for. The lesson here is twofold: one, don't be afraid to push boundaries with technology; and two, always charge what you're worth. Jean insists on setting fair prices and having annual price reviews, ensuring the services provided are not undervalued.


This episode with Jean Marie Arellano was a deep dive into smart, sustainable growth and the reciprocal joy that comes from caring for our furry friends. If you're inspired by Jean's story and want to keep up with more grooming gold, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You'll get all the latest episodes and grooming tips delivered straight to your inbox – it’s the perfect way to stay in the loop. Thanks for tuning in!

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