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February 7, 2024

The Power of Adapting and Connecting in Grooming Entrepreneurship

Chassy Ward's journey through the grooming industry

Alex Martin

Chassy Ward's journey through the grooming industry is nothing short of inspirational. With a career spanning since February 2007, she has worn multiple hats from bather to salon manager, mobile owner, and finally, a salon owner with an affection for doodles. During our latest episode of The Daily Groomer, we dove into Chassy's story, comprehending how she managed to transition from a corporate setting with limited personal connections to a thriving private salon and mobile grooming service.

Transition to Trailblazer

One of the most striking aspects of Chassy's story is her seamless adaptation through the different phases of her career. Despite facing challenges like the intense heat in her mobile grooming bus, Bertha, and transforming non-grooming spaces into her dream salon, Chassy's resilient mindset allowed her to expand from a one-person operation to a skilled team of 14 employees. She emphasizes that understanding the individual needs of her team and maintaining a positive work environment were essential to her business's growth.

Building Relationships: The Core of Business Success

It was awe-inspiring to learn about Chassy's dedication to fostering connections—not just within her team but also with her clientele. Her tenacity and passion were crystal clear when she spoke of prioritizing relationship-building over profits in a corporate context, a key pivot that spurred her growth in private business. Her insight into the critical role of being a good leader to manage her rapidly growing client base highlighted the significance of a people-centric approach in the grooming industry.

Leveraging Technology and Effective Communication

Another takeaway from Chassy's entrepreneurial spirit is her proactive approach in utilizing technology and setting systems in place. Her shift from manual to online booking, from handling admin work and payments on her cell phone during grooming sessions to hiring a manager and receptionist, illustrates how adopting the right tools can be a game-changer in managing a bustling grooming salon.

The story of Chassy Ward stands as a testament to the power of adaptation, fostering relationships, and the judicious use of technology in succeeding as a grooming entrepreneur. If you're just as taken by Chassy's story as I am, I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter for more insights and stories from grooming professionals like her. Stay up to date with the latest episodes of The Daily Groomer—your source for all things grooming.

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