How Angela Turned Grooming into a Lifeline for Overcoming Addiction

Inspiring journey of Angela from addiction to entrepreneurship

Alex Martin

1. Finding Refuge in a Passion

For Angela, grooming was not just a job, but a refuge that gave her purpose and focus, steering her away from harmful addictions.


2. A Supportive Environment

Working in a grooming shop helped Angela gain confidence and learn the ropes of the trade from experienced groomers, contributing to her steady recovery.


3. Commitment to Personal Growth

Angela didn't let her initial fears hold her back. Despite feeling scared and underconfident, she persevered and transformed these emotions into a dedicated grooming practice.


4. Mobile Grooming as a Recovery Catalyst

Transitioning to mobile grooming allowed Angela to create a tailored recovery-friendly environment, which played a significant role in maintaining her sobriety.


5. Helping Others While Helping Herself

Through her work, Angela is not only nurturing animals but is also setting an example and offering a helping hand to people who are dealing with their own struggles, thereby nurturing her own recovery.


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