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February 11, 2024

Three Key Lessons from The Daily Groomer ft. Andrew Fraser

Andrew Fraser, founder and owner of Doggy Zone

Alex Martin

In the latest episode of The Daily Groomer, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Fraser, founder and owner of Doggy Zone, a successful pet care business in Maryland. His journey spanning from working part-time jobs during high school to owning a nationally recognized pet care service business is awe-inspiring. He shared the ins and outs of his business, innovations and strategies he has implemented, and the profound lessons he's learned along the way.\

Key Lesson 1: Diversifying Services Boasts Stability & Growth

Andrew expressed the advantage of having multiple departments or business areas which provides a stable structure to a business. This strategy allowed Doggy Zone to blend various services like dog training, boarding, and retail operations, optimizing their revenue streams throughout the year. The most significant point that emerged from this discussion was the importance of having a variety of services to avoid overdependence on one. While the margins differ across services, each has a vital role to play in the overall growth of the company.

Key Lesson 2: The Integration of Technology

An integrated approach to technology was another valuable takeaway from the conversation. Andrew's use of different CRM platforms for different areas of his business demonstrated the role of tech in driving operational efficiency. Ginger is the CRM of choice for resort services, while Retail Pet manages the retail aspect of the business. Sticking to these digital solutions over the years has enabled Doggy Zone to streamline their operations and work smarter.

Key Lesson 3: Embrace Growth and Don’t Fear Setbacks

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the entire discussion was Andrew's firm belief in personal growth and resilience. He emphasized the need for both individuals and companies to consistently strive for improvement and evolution. The mantra "if you're not growing, you're going backwards" truly encapsulates the culture at Doggy Zone. Moreover, it resonated with the company's approach to tackling challenges, with Andrew openly admitting that setbacks and fear are part of the journey, signaling the importance of an optimistic and brave approach to running a business.

In wrapping up, Andrew Fraser’s entrepreneurial journey has provided much-needed insights into how diversification, integration of technology, and a growth-oriented mindset can create a successful business. Whether you are a pet care professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just an animal lover, there are valuable lessons to be learned from our chat with Andrew.

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