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The Mobile Pet Spaw services all of Lincoln County, WA and is currently not accepting new clients due to being prebooked until 2025. The Davenport Pet Spaw is our salon location in Davenport, WA and is currently accepting new clients. We are a smaller salon with a small amount of retail and our customers love it!

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Grooming is my life. I have been in the grooming industry since I was 15-16 years old, I'm now 32. I worked my way up from a bather. to a groomer, to a manager, and now an owner. My husband is also an entrepreneur and owns a tree service company, Royal Tree Co., we have two beautiful daughters and many animals at home to love and care for! We are entirely too busy most days but we wouldn't have it any other way! In 2014 I started grooming at Lil Bit of Grooming, I then became manager in 2015-2016. In 2017 I went on maternity leave and started my own grooming business out of my dining room in my hometown of Creston, WA (about an hour from Spokane WA). My husband got tired of me grooming in the house so he built me a custom grooming trailer in 2018 where I started my new venture as a mobile groomer and business owner with "The Mobile Pet Spaw". Before my trailer was even finished I was booked 3 months out, by the time those 3 months came around I was booked out 7 months, then a year. We have since relocated to Davenport, WA but my mobile grooming business still services all of Lincoln County. I could not believe there was such a demand in such a rural area, I love every bit of this lifestyle of grooming. I absolutely love being my own boss and having my own business, so when the old owner of Lil Bit of Grooming asked if I would like to purchase the business I jumped on it. November 1, 2019 I was the proud owner of my first grooming salon, my husband had helped me completely gut and remodel the interior of the salon in a short amount of time. I implemented an all new business structure to Lil Bit of Grooming and now it's almost been 5 years of owning Lil Bit of Grooming and it's completely self sufficient on its day to day operations, the staff we have is incredible and we appreciate all their hard work they put in everyday. Sales have more than tripled since purchasing it in 2019. Then in 2021 I had to decided to expand my mobile grooming business and add a second mobile grooming trailer and teach a long time friend to groom. This additional mobile grooming trailer is now also booked a year out. I thought to myself, wow how can I still have people trying to get into us when we are both booked this far out? So I did the most logical thing one would do, I did another expansion of that business and opened its own brick & mortar on November 1, 2022 in Davenport, WA called The Davenport Pet Spaw. Since opening this salon we have been consistently been getting new clients for the past year and continue to everyday. This salon has also allowed me to winterize my mobile units in the rough winter months when we have freezing temperatures and harsh winter snowy roads. The past 6 years of being a business owner, employer, wife and mother has been quite the rollercoaster and has had many learning curves, but I have absolutely no regrets in this journey and you'll just have to wait and see what happens next!

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