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The animal care team at our PinkDog pet resort love keeping your pets entertained and happy throughout their stay. Even beyond our vacation suites and playtime activities, we provide many options for getting your pet active and keeping them stimulated while they are here. Whether they participate in one-on-one behavioral training sessions, enjoy playing around in the yard with their friends, or have a relaxing getaway in our soothing pet spa, a great time is guaranteed!

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Meet Carina and Nancy, two passionate women from Brazil who share a deep love for animals. Since they were little girls, they have worked tirelessly to pursue their dream of working with animals. They met in Massachusetts and have supported each other ever since, even from a distance, while working in different cities. Their shared interests include animals, travel, and the color pink. Carina and Nancy have a strong bond and are dedicated to supporting each other's goals. Carina has always been passionate about animals and started studying to become a veterinarian in Brazil. Despite facing financial difficulties, she never gave up on her dream and moved to the US to pursue her education. She excelled in her studies, worked multiple jobs, and even had the opportunity to work with medical research and zebrafish. As a master groomer, Carina has worked in Brazil and the United States and started her own business. Against all odds, Carina incentivizes Nancy to begin their entrepreneurship, working for animals' wellbeing. Moving to the US was a life-changing experience for Carina, and she immediately fell in love with the country. Today, she calls Florida home, where she lives with her family and puppy Australian Labradoodle, Tommy. Their business has grown from a small local store to four stores, including their latest venture in Coconut Creek. Carina loves being outdoors, traveling, listening to music, dancing, playing sports, and spending time with friends and family. And she loves the beach—it's her favorite spot! Nancy is a Brazilian who has loved animals since childhood. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in Brazil in 2000 and worked for four years in an Animal Hospital for small animals, such as dogs and cats. In 2004, Nancy came to the USA for tourism but fell in love with the country and decided to stay longer to learn more English. While studying, she began working with Pet Grooming in West Concord and has never stopped working as a dog groomer since then. She worked in different Pet Shop companies for years before finally deciding to open up her own Dog Spa with Carina, PinkDog Spa. Nancy lives with her family in Massachusetts but frequently travels to Florida. She has two dogs, Max, a Yorkshire, and Babi, a French Bulldog. Nancy loves the beach and traveling; these are some of her favorite things to do besides spending time with her daughter. She also enjoys watching movies and reality shows. Nancy loves being a dog groomer and enjoys helping and coaching people who want to learn this fantastic profession. Carina and Nancy's passion, dedication, and hard work have enabled them to pursue their dreams of working with animals. They are devoted to providing exceptional care and service to all of their customers and their furry companions.

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