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Kiki's Grooming Services, led by Kiara, known affectionately as Kiki, offers a luxurious grooming experience in Baldwin Park, FL. Established in February 2022, Kiki's stands out as a Fear-Free Certified haven for pets, specializing in cats, dogs, and rabbits. Despite being self-taught, Kiki holds over 100 safety and grooming certifications and is on her way to becoming a Master Groomer, demonstrating her dedication to education through attending various grooming-related events. Operating exclusively by appointment, Kiki provides personalized 1-on-1 services, focusing on small dogs, geriatric pets, and those with disabilities, ensuring a stress-free experience. Additionally, Kiki's Grooming Services offers daycare facilities for pets, providing a comprehensive care package. Kiki's exceptional care and expertise have garnered clients from various locations, solidifying its reputation beyond Baldwin Park, including areas like Ocala, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, and even Washington DC.

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Kiara, also known as Kiki, founded Kiki's Grooming Services, driven by her passion for grooming and dissatisfaction with available services. Starting as a self-taught groomer at the age of 24, she honed her skills through mentorship and training, turning her frustration into determination. Recognized for her talent by a local groomer, Kiki pursued further education and opened her business in February 2022, blending her business expertise with her love for animals. Supported by her husband and their pets, Kiki offers grooming services that reflect her skill and genuine affection for pets.

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