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JRG offers a unique blend of daycare and grooming services in a cozy, cage-free environment. Dogs receive personalized attention and care, tailored to their individual needs. The salon boasts comfortable amenities like Casper dog beds and Fresh Patch real grass, ensuring a comfortable experience for every visitor. With a focus on safety and comfort, appointments are spaced out, and breaks are provided if needed. Trained in the JRG way, groomers prioritize communication and consistently deliver exceptional results. Founder Jess aimed to recreate the cozy home environment of the original location, providing a welcoming space for both dogs and owners alike.

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About the Owners

Jess Rona's journey into dog grooming began unexpectedly at the age of 18 when she took a job as a bather at PetSmart in Reseda, CA. Initially, she had aspirations of becoming an actress but quickly developed a deep love for working with dogs. Despite initially pursuing both acting and grooming while waiting tables and attending auditions, Jess eventually realized that her true passions lay in grooming and improv comedy. After a stint in NYC focusing on comedy, she returned to LA determined to excel in both grooming and improv. With the guidance of mentors and teachers, including her first mentor Jay Scruggs, Jess honed her grooming skills and began competing in grooming competitions in 2012. Reflecting on her journey, Jess acknowledges that dog grooming ultimately chose her path.

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