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Dana&Friends Pet grooming is successful today with new parameters of abilities.I now groom only well maintained smaller breeds of dogs, and just a few beautiful large breeds of which are highly trained and enjoy the grooming process. I no longer groom cats, ferret's, rabbits or birds. Although I'm grooming at a smaller scale these days, the experience and grooming process does not lack excellence. Every dog looks, feels and knows they are special and qualified to be considered highly favored, blessed and certainly loved!

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Dana Cruz, originally from Miami, Florida, grew up immersed in the family dog business, mastering breeding, grooming, and training to a high standard of excellence. Starting her own challenging dog grooming business at just 19, Dana quickly realized her unique gift for gaining trust and accomplishing grooming goals. Within six months, she was grooming an average of ten dogs daily, leading to rapid expansion over the years. Dana's Pet Boutique became a bustling hub, offering grooming, sales of various pet products, and boarding services. After twenty successful years, Dana sold her business but continued to innovate, launching Dana & Friends Pet Grooming, which thrived across multiple locations over the next two decades. Throughout her journey, Dana consistently upgraded her skills and facilities, building lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. With over 45 years of experience and a passion undimmed, Dana continues to provide exceptional care for her furry clients, now entering her fifty-fifth year in the pet grooming industry.

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