How to Master Google My Business

Ranking on Google Search is the number 1 way to grow your business. We put together a masterclass on how to do just that.

January 17, 2024
Alex Martin

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Ranking on Google Search is the number 1 way to grow your business.

New customers find businesses in a variety of ways—talking to friends, scanning newspapers (maybe for the old-school folks), or checking out coupons that land in their laps.

But the bulk of customers? It all happens on Google. They'll hop online and search for a groomer, grooming salon, how to groom their dog (yikes!), or pet grooming near me.

With that being said, it seems like it'd be a no-brainer for you to have a Google presence - right?

Shockingly, most people do not have their Google My Business (GMB) profiles up to date.

What is Google My Business?

Let's start from the top! What is Google My Business? Think of it like your digital storefront. Whether you're a brick and mortar salon or a mobile van, you can set up a GMB profile. Your location and reviews are your currency here. Your GMB profile is a digital front door; proximity and a strong review score are non-negotiable.

Why do you need a Google My Business account?

There are three main reasons why every pet grooming business owner should have a GMB account:

  • Showing up in a Google search will drive sales - 86% of people use Google Maps to locate businesses nearby
  • It helps you build trust with customers. In fact, brands that show up on Google are almost 3 times more likely to be considered reputable by consumers.
  • Google My Business ratings will help you show off your work! It’s quoted that 90% of people read reviews before making purchasing decisions, so might as well give them something to read.

Imagine being the top pick when someone Googles for a grooming or “groom my dog” in your area. It's not just a dream—it's achievable.

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