📈 What Prices to Charge for your Dog Grooming Business

What should you charge for your services headed into 2024?

Today, we’re trying to solve the age old question… What should groomers charge?

One of the biggest issues new groomers face is how to set their pricing. Many variables come into play – size, breed, coat type and condition, length of time since last groom, temperament, etc. – many of these are applied at groomer’s discretion.

Many times, groomers discover that they are charging too little and are not valuing their services enough.

When thinking about all these factors it could sound like you’re trying to solve a complex calculus problem. 🤯🤯🤯

One of the easiest levers to pull to scale your grooming business is to flat out charge more.

What's the average price of a poodle groom?

We surveyed our Daily Groomer community of 3,000+ groomers who run salons and mobile grooming businesses to determine what prices groomers charge for Poodles?

We did some deep dives into grooming forums and discovered that the national average of a full service Poodle groom is $112 with the range being $80 to 150.

Alex Martin
Top story
December 1, 2023

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