💡 Mastering Google for Your Grooming Biz

Ranking on Google Search is the number 1 way to grow your business. Here's how to do just that!

New customers find businesses in a variety of ways — talking to friends, scanning newspapers (maybe for the old-school folks), or checking out coupons that land in their laps.

But the bulk of customers? It all happens on Google. They'll hop online and search for a groomer, grooming salon, how to groom their own dog (yikes!), or “pet grooming near me”.

Yet - most grooming salons I know don’t have their Google profiles up to date!

You guys know - location and reviews are everything! And your Google My Business (GMB) profile is the digital front door to your business. Whether you’re a mobile grooming van or brick and mortar business, showing up on Google is important.

Ranking on Google Search is the number 1 way to grow your grooming business so I thought it’d be worthwhile to spend today writing about how to do just that. Let’s dive in! 👇

Why Do You Need To Care About Google?

  • Showing up in a Google search will drive sales - 86% of people use Google Maps to locate businesses nearby.
  • Google helps you build trust with customers. In fact, brands that show up on Google are almost 3 times more likely to be considered reputable by consumers.
  • Google is the best spot to host your reviews. It’s said that 90% of people read reviews before making purchasing decisions, so might as well give them something to read.

Imagine being the top pick when someone Googles for a “groomer near me”. It's not just a dream — it's achievable! 🤩

I recently helped a friend get this all set up and I documented the entire process. So if you want to get your Google page updated, check out the guide posted on the website here 👇

Free Guide: How to set up Google My Business for your business

🚀 How to Get More Reviews

Reviews hold significant weight. You saw the stat above - 90% of people rely on reviews to pick their place of business. Now there is a common misconception - you don't necessarily need a perfect 5-star rating.

In our opinion, a sweet spot is anything around 4.5 or higher. It’s okay for your “lower” reviews to mention price as that signifies your commitment to quality service. Pay attention if any of your lower reviews mention customer service - as this is something you should always keep top notch.

Quantity of reviews matters too. Fewer than a hundred might give the impression of a newer business, while over a thousand gives the customer a feeling of reliability.

Here’s some quick ideas on how to get more reviews:

  • Ask customers after appointments if they wouldn’t mind leaving one
  • Utilize Google's review link
  • Send a post appointment email asking for feedback

Reviews significantly impact how businesses are perceived. They provide signals to customers about your reliability and commitment to quality service. They are crucial aspects of your Google My Business profile and directly influence your online presence.

Alex Martin
Top story
January 19, 2024

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