🚐 Is Mobile Grooming the Future??

Mobile grooming vans are everywhere... But is it here to stay or is it just a big COVID fad? 🤔

The grooming industry is experiencing a bernedoodle sized boom in one thing: mobile grooming 🚐

About every where you look, you see a grooming van on the streets doubling as a driving billboard. (Great marketing by the way…)

The word on the street is even PetSmart is looking to test out mobile grooming this year….

But why is this newer type of grooming service becoming so popular?

Simply put, many pet owners are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience of having you come right to their doorstep.

But is it here to stay? And will it drive traditional brick-and-mortar salons out of business?

Let’s dive in!👇

🚀 Mobile Grooming Madness - How Did It Get So Popular?

When COVID-19 hit, it changed how we do a lot of things! It changed where we went, what we watched (shoutout Tiger King), and how we take care of our pets.

With many pet owners forced to stay home, mobile grooming got a big boost. For many it was about convenience and health, for others it was truly their only option. (I’m sure y’all can remember how many salons were closed during this time).

Even looking at the Google search interest for mobile grooming, you can see when the big rise of mobile grooming occurred.


But is mobile grooming a COVID fueled fad or is it here to stay?

Since the original boom during COVID, it looks like it’s slowing down a little but not by much. The industry is kind of growing into a sleeping giant.

And when I say giant… I mean it.

The Mobile Pet Care market size was valued at USD 2.52 billion in 2022 (post pandemic). Yup, that’s billions with a B!

And it’s forecasted to continue to grow 6%+ through 2030.

Yet, surprisingly mobile grooming is still early. It only makes up a smaller portion of the overall grooming industry.

To test this, we wanted to see how many groomers in The Daily Groomer community are mobile vs salon.

We ran the numbers (from those of you who responded) and made this little chart. Check this out 👇

Mobile grooming is still a smaller piece of our community and of the larger grooming space but is it the preferred business model of the future?

First, we have to take a look at why mobile is making big moves…

✅ Benefits of Mobile Grooming

Personalized Pet Care: The One-on-One Advantage

  • As y’all know, mobile groomers typically work one-on-one with each pet - providing personalized attention throughout the grooming session. Many pet owners like this individualized approach, because it ensures that their pet receives undivided attention and care.
  • This is particularly beneficial for elderly or special needs pets. Many of these furry friends have mobility issues or require extra care during grooming so having someone come to your door makes it a heck of a lot easier!

Convenience at Your Doorstep: Mobile Grooming Saves Time and Hassle

  • With busy schedules and limited time, transporting pets to a salon can be challenging and time-consuming. This saves pet owners valuable time and effort, making it easier to fit grooming appointments into their busy lives.
  • Clients are willing to pay significantly more for mobile pet grooming services because it saves them time.

⚠️ Okay, So What’s The Downside of Mobile Grooming?

There are many advantages to operating a mobile grooming service, there are also some challenges and drawbacks when compared to running a traditional brick-and-mortar grooming salon.

Here are a few key cons:

  1. Higher Initial Investment: Vans aren’t cheap and most van manufactures have a 6-8 month waitlist. This initial cost and wait time can be much higher than setting up a stationary salon in an existing space.
  2. Maintenance and Fuel Costs: Operating a mobile grooming service means dealing with ongoing vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses. The wear and tear on a grooming van from constant travel can lead to frequent and sometimes costly repairs. Who knew you’d be wearing the hats of a groomer and a mechanic?!
  3. Limited Space and Resources: Want to work in a 6 foot box all day? Oh yeah, how’s your generator and water setup….?
  4. Scheduling and Route Efficiency: Mobile groomers need to carefully plan their schedules and routes to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency. And if you’re in a business city or commuting across town to see a client, let’s not forget the traffic!
  5. Weather and Environmental Factors: Mobile grooming businesses are more susceptible to weather conditions and environmental factors. Extreme temperatures can turn your van into an ice box or a furnace depending on the season.
  6. Client Perception and Service Limitations: Some clients may perceive mobile grooming as either more expensive or less equipped compared to traditional salons.

Despite these challenges, many mobile grooming business owners find the model rewarding due to its flexibility, the personal connections formed with clients and pets, and the ability to meet a growing demand for convenient, at-home services.

💰 But Mobile Groomers Get Paid! So Let’s Run The Numbers…

A pet groomer can earn more than 3x their income with a mobile grooming salon. Wait what… really?

Seriously. Hear me out…

Less expense (cheaper to run a van) plus more revenue (higher prices) equals greater earnings.

Going mobile significantly reduces your grooming salon overhead expenses. And because of the better experience for pets as well as the convenience it affords to pet parents, clients are willing to pay more for mobile pet grooming services.

Let’s use some easy numbers to help visualize the money in mobile:


Dogs per day
= 5

Avg price per dog
= $125

Days per month
= 22

Total per month
= $13,750


Here’s a highlight of the costs associated with mobile grooming:

(shout out to our friends at Wag’n Tails for the groomer humor)

Total per month = $13,750 with costs of $3k, you could be making $120k a year taking 96 days off a year!

If you’re interested in more mobile grooming resources, check out these businesses on how to get started and where!

Where To Buy Your Van!

  • Facebook (marketplace + lots of good mobile grooming van for sale groups!)
  • Craigslist
  • Wag’n Tails
  • Hanvey

Top Players in Mobile Pet Care Market for 2023

So is it a fad??

We don't think so, but what do we know?! Join the conversation with 500+ groomers in The Daily Groomer Facebook Group to give your opinion!

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February 2, 2024

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