🤑 How to Collect More Tips

Here's the tips to getting good tips (the cash kind) for your dog grooming services

Let’s explore the art of tipping…

Making great tips is one of the keys to making the big bucks in this career.

Once you’ve become a good groomer and learned how to keep your clients happy, most of them will reward you with great tips.

Like any other service industry, the amount a customer tips a pet professional can vary widely. So many pet parents ask themselves, “how much should I tip the dog groomer??”

According to the national average, pet owners should tip their groomer 15 to 20 percent of the service total.

That seems reasonable and in line with standard tipping practices in the U.S. but just like pricing your grooms, there are so many variables that come into play.

What is the art of tipping for dog groomers?

Trust me… pet owners are just as clueless as groomers on how to effectively tip for their pet grooming. We dove into this topic and found a thread with over 200+ replies from dog owners discussing how they think about tipping for dog grooming.

As you can imagine, the responses were all over the board which makes the topic of tipping an interesting “art” to explore….

I did not tip for 15 years with my first dog. I did give extra at Christmas time, with a happy holidays! The groomers own the shop and actually brushed off tipping as unnecessary. 🤬

At least 20% year ‘round - judgment call though. (My groomer’s) service is invaluable to me, and I make sure to tip appropriately. 👏

When I used to go to Petco / Petsmart - 20-25%. Then I found an independent shop near my house that is MUCH cheaper, and I end up tipping 50%+ and it comes out to the base charge for Petco. 🔥

Some simple strategies to get your clients to tip more…

Here’s a simple “hack” to drive additional revenue through tipping! Change the defaults in your POS system to be 20% minimum. We recommend setting 3 options as 20%, 25%, 30% but feel free to also add a custom field. (Normally tipping settings are 5%, 10%, 15%)

Again, if you do excellent work, you should demand excellent service from your customers, as well. And you know what? They won’t feel guilty about giving a higher tip amount because you are THEIR groomer.

Put up a sign or poster that encourages customers to tip your groomers for Christmas. Some of our favorite things you can say:

  • "Treat Your Groomer Like Santa Treats His Elves – Generously!"
  • "Help Santa! Our Groomers are on the 'Nice' List!"
  • "Yappy Holidays! A Tip is a Gift of Joy to Your Groomer."

But don’t forget the basics:

  • Establish a positive connection with customers.
  • Provide high-quality grooming services.
  • Exceed expectations and provide a memorable experience.

In conclusion, earning tips as a groomer takes a combination of outstanding grooming abilities, top-notch customer service, punctuality, and going above and beyond to surpass customer expectations.

By building a great connection with customers, giving high-quality grooming services, adding extra value, and creating a memorable experience, you can raise customer happiness and increase your chances of earning tips.

Remember, a satisfied and pleased customer is more likely to recognize your hard work by compensating you accordingly and recommending you to family and friends

Alex Martin
Top story
December 8, 2023

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