📈 How To Change Your Prices For The New Year

How to raise your prices to charge what you're worth!

Time to make big changes in your grooming business so you can reach new heights!

A simple change that’s highly waivered is - raising prices!

Some people are afraid of raising their prices. They fear they may lose customers, and that customers might head for competitors.

F that! 🤬

If customers appreciate your work and know your value, they will continue to see you because they know they’re getting what they paid for. If your prices are set too low, they’re likely to reconsider because the service may less than stellar. (PetSmart grooming is pretty cheap, right?!)

You work hard to provide a service for your customers - you’ve put in the time, paid your business expenses, and built up your skills.

You should be PAID for it!

Let’s dive into how to effectively change your prices for the New Year. 👇

🤷 Why Raise Your Prices?

Like I said, raising your prices is part of running a successful business. Here are some reasons to consider adjusting your prices:

  • Your costs have increased and you’re not profiting as much
  • Your making adjustments based on inflation - (inflation has increased which means the prices of everything has too!)
  • Your services are in-demand (6 week+ waitlist)
  • Your overhead cost has increased (rent ain’t slowing down!)
  • Your labor has increased (perhaps your employees have asked for a raise)
  • You haven’t raised your prices since your business opened
  • You want to grow your business
  • Competitors in your area are charging more
  • You’ve invested in extra education and you want to offer special services

Ideally, assess your prices annually to see if a raise is a wise business move. The New Year comes with new changes so it’s now more timely than ever.

Think about this for a second…

Inflation has increased 3.2% over the last year and 8.5% in the year prior. If you haven’t at least raised your prices 10% over the last 2 years then you’re losing money by not doing anything!

You have failed to outpace inflation. 🤯

A handful of groomers in our community have said they’re going to raise their prices for the new year. Some common takes on by “how much” are listed below:

  • $5-10 depending on service / size
  • Sized based - Small +$15, Medium, +$20, Large +$30
  • 7-11% increase
  • 10% across the board

See.. raising prices every year is common and there are many different answers to how much you should increase prices.

The harder part is “how?”.

🚀 How To Raise Your Prices!

Before implementing new pricing, it's essential to communicate this change effectively and in advance.

Here are several methods to achieve this:

  1. Provide ample notice for your clients to prepare. During their appointments, ensure you discuss the upcoming price adjustment, and if you'd like, you can add a creative touch to the conversation. Avoid catching your clients off guard with sudden price increases; such surprises are rarely appreciated!
  2. Infuse a creative flair into the way you announce your pricing adjustments. Consider sending a well-crafted letter, an informative email, or dedicating a section in your weekly newsletter (if you have one) to the topic. A candid conversation works too!
  3. Strive for transparency when explaining the reasons behind the pricing changes. Whether you're investing in a better environment for the dogs or upgrading to a higher-quality product line, feel free to share these insights with your clients. They value knowing what they're paying for and the rationale behind it.
  4. Offer New Services or Packages - The easiest way is to create add on items to your business model. These could include nail grinding, teeth cleaning services, product add-ons such as which could be facial scrubs, conditioners, flea shampoos, etc. Even after-the-groom photoshoots - be creative and make it fun enough that your client will want to spend extra money on it. Also, consider combining services into packages. This way, you can charge a little more or add on extra services for clients who want more.
  5. Discuss Your Education - A lot of times groomers hesitate to talk with their clients about their education background. Don't be bashful to boast about any seminars you've attended, certifications you’ve received or grooming shows you've competed in! Those little things can be a feather in your cap and can also be another helpful way to raise your prices when the time should come.

Regardless of the method you choose to inform your clients, do it with professionalism and a touch of class. Most clients will likely appreciate your openness and will be understanding of the need for the adjustments.

Go get your money and have a great start to the new year - looking forward to growing together!!

Alex Martin
Top story
January 5, 2024

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