Groomer Hiring and Retention Tips

How the founder of Social Pet reduced groomer turnover by 113% and kept it that way!

Have you ever lost the key groomer?

And not just any groomer but your KEY groomer… like the one you couldn’t live without.

It’s the WORST. That happened to my friend Amy. And well… it was actually worse than it sounds. Quick story time!

Amy has been running Social Pet Hotel and Daycare for 10 years. And she puts in looooonnnnggg weeks. So for once, she decided to head out for a much needed vacation.

Then she got this text...

If that text doesn’t make you weak in the knees, I don’t know what will. That’s the EXACT text Amy received from a key employee while relaxing on her vacation.

It turns out, she was quitting.

And if it couldn’t get any worse, the day Amy returned from her vacation ANOTHER key employee quit.

This was a huge loss for Amy and Social Pet. All of the training & instruction she put into those 2 all down the drain.

So we’ve all been there. Maybe not as bad as Amy, but we’ve been in there.

Until recently, I would shake my head and say “well, what can you do?”. You know, one of those “It is what it is” moments.

But since these incidents, Amy figured it out.

She made 1 change - and hasn’t had any turnover since. And a secret like that is too good not to share. So we had her come teach a virtual workshop!

The strategies she mentions on the workshop freed her up enough to FULLY remove her from day-to-day operations. (I think they call that retirement… not sure 😂).

And, at the end of the workshop, she gives away her new training worksheets, employee policies, and more! (check them out)

Watch The Workshop

Shout out to Amy Hillis at Social Pet !!! She’s literally the best and building a world class pet biz with her husband!

The workshop was our best one yet but let me know what you think!

Alex Martin
Top story
May 24, 2024

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