Do Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming?

Short answer: DUH!! Long answer: Dive in below👇

The Short Breakdown of Short Haired Dogs

Generally, short-haired dogs require less grooming maintenance, which is a huge plus for busy families or those who are constantly on the go.

But we have a huge bone to pick with these families seeking a low maintenance breed.

You know? Our short haired friends…. the popular short coat dog breeds that you may have seen in your salon (not as often as their furry friends): Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua, Doberman Pinscher, Great Dane, Boston Terrier, etc.

There’s a common misconception going around: “they don’t need to see a groomer.”

But we here in The Daily Grooming community all know that there are 3 constant’s in life:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. It’s healthy for all dogs to see a groomer!

Grooming is a just general term for addressing the needs of dog care and wellness, yet a lot of customers think grooming is just the act of cutting a dog’s hair.

As we all know, grooming does not always mean a hair cut! It includes all the ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal glands expression, nail trimming, and other fun things we do to keep our pups healthy and happy.

With that being said, let’s dive into perfecting the short-haired grooming experience…👇

🏃Shortcuts to Short-Coated Breeds

While it’s easy to assume short-haired dogs only require wash-and-go baths, they actually need a bit more. Short-haired dogs do shed. While their shedding coat doesn’t fall out in clumps during spring, it does slowly shed year-round.

Check out these 7 dog grooming tips that will keep your client’s short-haired dog looking stunning regardless of the season. And be prepared for fellow short-haired dog owners to stop and ask, “How do you keep your dog’s coat so shiny?”

  • Use a protein-rich shampoo for skin maintenance.
  • Throw in extras to keep the pet parent happy. That blueberry facial goes a loonngggg way!
  • Avoid using a FURminator brush - this damages the top coat (here’s hot takes on the FURminator brush)
  • Use a short coated breed to break up your day! It’s technical work that still gives you a break where you can get paid! Schedule accordingly! Mixing these lower maintenance appointments in throughout your day will help you not get burnt out!
  • Add a short-haired dog to your marketing material (Pitbull’s, etc.) just to show that you can and WILL take them! (Others may not…)
  • Do promotions for short-coated breeds - brush their dogs teeth for free, paw protection coating, give them something free to incentive maintenance grooms and a proper schedule.
  • They’re less expensive, but set a minimum fee - you need to get paid for your time even if it’s not as labor intensive as other breeds.

🗣️ 3 (Short) Things You Can Tell Your Clients

Because grooming is less of a chore for short haired dogs and their owners, it can be looked forward to as a pleasant bonding time. Just remember to communicate with the owner effectively so that your time spent with the dog can be justified both ways…

  1. Seeing their short-coated breed on a recurring basis can help with the shedding in your house.
  2. Regular grooming and bathing can help prevent skin issues, allergies, and oily skin conditions, ensuring their dog has a healthy and comfortable coat.
  3. Keeping their nails trimmed and maintaining their ears and eyes between appointments can help prevent discomfort and health problems.

Use these tips to address any misconceptions about grooming, such as the belief that short-coated breeds don't require grooming. Educate them on the holistic benefits grooming offers plus the importance of seeing their (not so) furry friend on a recurring basis.

🛠️ A (Short) List of Short-Coated Tools

Now that you have the tricks to grooming a short-haired dog, you’ll need the tools of the trade! Here’s some commonly used tools that have been brought up in the Daily Groomer community.

Alex Martin
Top story
January 26, 2024

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