🚀 15 Quick Ideas To Get More Customers

The cheapest & easiest ways to get more customers in your doors AND keep them coming back

This week’s writing is inspired by a question asked in our private Facebook community 👇

Whether you’re looking to go out on your own, open up a new location, or just looking to get some more customers in your door - bookmark this issue. Seriously, it’s GOLD.

Here are the 15 proven ways to get more customers in your door and keep them coming back 👇

To Get More Appointments…

  • Create business cards. Drop them off at the local churches, community centers, and restaurants. Sounds simple, but simple works.
  • Join “Mom” Facebook groups in the area. Introduce yourself and tell them about your new business. You’d be surprised at the support you’d get here!!
  • Leave flyers around the local dog parks for a discounted bath. (Have you ever seen a clean dog leave a dog park?!) If you can get them to come in for a bath, you can most likely get them to stay for a groom.
  • Befriend the owners of local vets or pet stores that don’t offer grooming. Bring them donuts or muffins, write a hand-written note, and leave some business cards. They might turn into your biggest fan!
  • Leave flyers in mailboxes of the neighborhoods you go in. If you are grooming their neighbor’s dog, it’s an easy add to the schedule for you!
  • If you’re mobile, park your van in the Home Depot parking lot on weekends with magnets on the side for dog owners to take. Seriously, this WORKS.
  • Advertise just your “nail trims” service. EVERYONE knows their dog needs nail trims but not everyone thinks their dog needs a groom. Educate the client and upsell the groom.
  • Self-service dog washes. Build a few into your salon, offer subscription based membership or multi-package deals to subsidize this costs (10 baths for $X).

After An Appointment…

  • Call customers from the day. Ask them how you did. If it’s a positive review, ask them if they’ll leave it on google / yelp for you. Text them a link. If you can’t get ahold of them, send them an sms text asking how you did. Your customers will appreciate this more than you know.
  • Ask current customers if they know of any friends with dogs that would like a free nail trim or could use a good groomer.
  • Don’t forget to ask your customers how they found you! That way you can figure out which marketing really works and double down!!

}For Further Brand Awareness…

  • Apply for business awards. There's a good chance your city or industry has a "best of" awards program. Someone has to win those awards—why not you? Applying is often free, and it gives your brand both online and print exposure. We’re featuring the top groomers in each city so apply here.
  • Host classes or events. Hosting classes or events is a great way to get the word out about your business and, depending on how you go about it, pull in some extra revenue. Here are a few ideas:
    • Annual Easter Egg Hunt - dogs + kids…. perfect mix!
    • Ball Crawl - bar crawl with dogs!
    • Pop Up Art with Pups - Create your own animal themed art project!
    • Adoption Events - partner with local adoption shelters to host an event!
  • Offer a Groupon deal. I have a love-hate relationship with Groupon. I've enjoyed using them to try new businesses myself, and I've used it to drive foot traffic for clients. But be careful with the discount amounts you allow!
  • Send direct mail. Direct mail is alive and well. It's more personal—and much more likely to be opened than an email. Give it a try, it might just work!

Alex Martin
Top story
March 29, 2024

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