🐶 10 Commandments of Grooming

Thou shall not groom 4 doodle's a day! 😂 Kidding... but there are the 10 rules for every groomer

Aspiring groomers listen closely…

You’re about to hear the Ten Commandments of Grooming, the pivotal things the grooming veterans have learned during their careers.

Take notes if you about to em-bark on your new grooming career. If you’re years into grooming and now realizing how hard this job really is, you may find yourself nodding your head in agreement.

Ready to dive in?

Here are the 10 key things you need to know before becoming a pet groomer:

1. You don’t have to groom every dog or accept every client

  • So many new groomers get desperate to fill their books, that they end up accepting everyone.
  • New mobile groomers will accept jobs out of range. New salon groomers will accept unruly clients.
  • This will cause MUCH more pain than it’s worth!

2. Mental health is just as important as physical health

  • Don’t bring your work home from you - that includes your appointment book, equipment, and even groomer drama!!
  • Instead, hire an admin or turn on online booking. Or plan an afternoon where you only handle “office” tasks.
  • You need work life balance - no ifs ands or buts around it!

3. Price high from the beginning

  • I hate to make a generalization, but if you are new - you are probably not charging enough!
  • Charge high out of the gate to show your worth and set expectations.
  • And if it makes you feel better - you can always lower your prices but it is NOT FUN to tell your clients that you’re prices are going up.

4. Invest in high quality equipment

  • Poor equipment leads to poor service.
  • The right set of equipment might be more expensive up front, but in the long run it can end up lasting 2 or 3x longer than the cheap stuff.
  • Plus - the right set of scissors can end up saving your wrist! The right table can end up saving your back!

5. You are not going to make every client happy

  • Some clients will NEVER be happy. No matter how many pupcones, bandanas, or discounts you give them.
  • So just accept this. It’s usually not a you problem.

6. Take care of your back, it’ll catch up on you

  • The best habit: always lift with your legs & keep your back straight.
  • Electric tables help save you from bending over.
  • And go to the gym, lift weights, stretch for an added benefit.

7. Burnout is REAL

  • As a new groomer, you might be eager to make a bunch of money right away. “4 big doodle’s a day? No problem!!”
  • But I promise you - it’ll catch up with you!
  • Set boundaries early, put limits on your days, and take vacations!

8. Policies and procedures are in place for a reason

  • No matter how cute a dog is or how long you’ve been working with a client, if they break the rules they must know.
  • If a client no-shows, tell them about the policy and stand firm.
  • If a client complains about a price increase, tell them you have to pay your bills at home too.

9. Patience is a virtue

  • You're going to be various pets all day - and then you're going to add scissors and blades to the mix!
  • You're going to get rude and condescending clients.
  • Know this now and just smile through it. I promise, you are stronger than you think 💪

10. You’ll always wish you started sooner ❤️

  • Despite the hurdles and effort involved, a career in dog grooming is deeply rewarding and satisfying for all animal lovers.
  • You’ll find yourself loving the job and regretting not starting earlier.

Alex Martin
Top story
May 3, 2024

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